Dr. Youmna Mouhamad

Dr Youmna Mouhamad is currently a technology transfer fellow at SPECIFIC in Swansea University. She is working on HI-PROPSTEC a project funded by innovate UK which aims to improve current collection on solar cell using a novel printing techniques.

Dr Mouhamad has a PhD in polymer physics from Sheffield University. Shortly after obtaining her PhD she joined the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating as a research scientist. She worked on the formulation of carbon based inks for various applications including, a piezoresistive ink for large area pressure sensor and the development of a flexible ink for heated garnements. Two patents were files for these innovative.

She enjoys working in collaborative projects, which aims to commercialise an innovative. This is the first reason why she is involved in the Hyenna Network. The other reason is much more personal. Dr Mouhamad is originally from Mayotte, the youngest and French department located and between the North West coast of Madagascar and Mozambique. Mayotte has everything to succeed, the manpower with a young population hungry for knowledge, an amazing biodiversity, a beautiful lagoon, an rich cultural, culinary diversity, a strong entrepreneurship spirit and yet it is the poorest French department. Its development and growth is strongly impeded by the lack of infrastructure and energy poverty. The combination and solar and Hydrogen could have a significant impact on a developing island like Mayotte. Within the Hyenna Network, she aims to use her connection back home to create opportunities to test and implement hydrogen energy in Mayotte.

Her first passion is dance, from Cuban salsa, afrobeat, to afrobeat , hip-hop kizomba, anything that has a bit goes. She is involved in her community through various projects, which aims to inspired and empower women and young people.