Dr. Mosaad Negem

My main research interests focus on the field of nanotechnology including the synthesis of novel nanomaterials from aqueous and ionic liquid media and their applications on hydrogen energy, magnetic properties, photocatalytic splitting of water, photovoltaics, fuel cell, biological activity, light emitting diode, hardness and corrosion protection. My research involves the synthesis of the metals, alloys, nanosemiconductors (metals oxides, metals sulphide and organic-metals iodide) and nanocomposites using electroplating, microwave, nanoemulsions, solid state reaction, sol-gel, solvothermal, biomimetic, sonochemical synthesis and mixing of these methods. My current and future research will be performed on the production of the novel semiconductors (photocatalysts) for renewable energy as a promising field to supply the clean energy (hydrogen energy) and photovoltaics. I teach the courses of the Physical Chemistry for undergraduate and postgraduate students such as electrochemistry, Kinetics, Thermodynamics, Electrolytes, Photochemistry, Quantum Chemistry, Catalysis, Surface chemistry, Nanomaterials and Solid state Chemistry. Supervising the research and reviewing the writing of the thesis of the M.Sc. and PhD students are a part of my job duties.

Lecturer of Nanotechnology and Physical Chemistry

Chemistry Department, Fayoum University, Faculty of Science, Fayoum, Egypt, Zip Code:  63514

2015-2016            Postdoctoral at School of Chemistry University of St Andrews UK, JTSI research Group (6 months)

2009-2013            PhD degree at Fayoum University with title (Electrodeposited nano-Ni-Co alloys, nano-Ni-Co-nano-TiO2 and nano-Ni-Co-µ-Al2O3 composites from gluconate bath)

2009 – 2011         PhD research at School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials Newcastle University UK, Supervisor: Professor Sudipta Roy

2001 – 2005         M.Sc.  in corrosion of copper alloys in different aqueous media

1995 – 1999         BSc in Chemistry (very good 82%) Cairo University

A few papers

  • Nanocrystalline nickel cobalt  ectrocatalysts to generate hydrogen using alkaline solutions as storage fuel for the renewable energy Link
  • Electroplated Zn-Ni nanocrystalline alloys as an efficient electrocatalyst cathode for the generation of hydrogen fuel in acid medium Link
  • Ni–Cu nano-crystalline alloys for efficient electrochemical hydrogen production in acid water Link


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