Dr. Dmitri Bessarabov

Dimitri is an internationally-recognised visionary with extensive industrial, academic and financial decision-making experience in the area of hydrogen for energy applications, electrolysis and fuel cells in Canada and South Africa. NRF C1 rating.

Successfully built and managed large (up to 20 plus head-count) teams of academics and engineers with deep technical capabilities. Strategic and creative thinker and director with a proven ability to identify problems, propose and implement solutions and lead and manage multidisciplinary teams.

Twenty years plus of progressively increasing responsibility in academic and industrial R&D environment, leadership and managerial roles in the hydrogen energy sector.

Deep understanding of fuel cells and electrolysers components requirements and needs in terms of characterisation, durability and structure-performance relationship.

Vast network of electrolyser and FC-related supply chain. Experience with Government negotiations. Deep knowledge of university and national lab activities relevant to fuel cell R&D world-wide.

Unquestioned integrity and the ability to make and keep commitments. Comfortable in dealing with ambiguity and risk.

Passionate about PEM fuel cells, electrolysers, membranes, MEAs and catalyst layers structures. Brings top-notch competitive international technical and managerial industrial experience to South Africa to lead and implement National HySA Program and build local human capital capacity.

Current responsibilities include: building effective teams with deep technical capabilities and managing these teams, mentoring and guiding. Providing excellence in management, research and product development. HySA Infrastructure Business Plan and Road Map development and implementation. Supply-chain and business development, earlier engagement of industry into development and commercialisation activities.

Worked for Kvaerner Group in Canada, as well as Ballard Power Systems and AFCC, also in Canada.