Domestic Hydrogen Demonstrator

As part of the Innovation Acceleration Awards at Swansea University CWD was given money to set up a demonstration unit to show the Swansea / H2-NRG technology for energy storage as hydrogen gas.  This is very relevant to HYENA as it is the type of installation that can be done for a small village or community.

  • Multiple energy inputs through solar and wind. Vertical axis wind turbine and flexible solar panels from SPECIFIC.
  • Single electrolyser set-up in a 3 foot by 4 foot shed feeding into inbound grid pipework.
  • Membrane gas storage in a large shed.
  • Compressor to 1 bar.
  • Outbound pipework utilising 25 mm MDPE pipes and electrofusion welded joints to an application.
  • Hydrogen BBQ.
2016-06-11 20.18.28