Charles Mugarura

Charles Mugarura , 27 Permaculture  social entrepreneur, Tuttor , designer, innovator and  12 years experience in permaculture eco –system design (started permaculture at the age of 16, it's now his full-time career) with a background of Computer Science - Makerere University Business School and a number  specialised expertise disciplines, he is a Global Citizen based in the horn of East Africa - Uganda serving at national and global level, policy Advocate on youth Empowerment, Gender Equality, Health and sustainable transformation through best and  efficient alternatives from environment as he believes in reframing indigenous technologies using the permaculture approach. He has successfully implemented and committed a deep understanding of how to use permaculture to develop various solutions from farming practices, education, leadership and life style using permaculture.

BEU permaculture was founded in 2012, and incorporated as a Social Enterprise in 2016. It is focused on the creation, implementation, and use of innovative climate change adaptation strategies using the permaculture ethics and principles, especially with the most vulnerable populations of rural farming communities.

Today working to integrate  Permaculture into Ministry of Education to recognise permaculture as an outdoor learning discipline to be taught in teachers colleges to serve public schools where we have the biggest number of unprivileged children to have most impactful education.