Trip to Renewable Energy Center in Cape Verde

It was great to see the Renewable energy center on Cape Verde,  CERMI.  Really impressive to see what they are up to and the facilities that they have.  This is the forefront of renewable energy training and infrastructure learning on the island nation as well as a solar farm and wind installation.


Left:  The welding workshops where there are numerous booths all set up to teach TIG Welding.

Right: This is how you teach electricians how to install the latest wiring and installations for wind and solar arrays.

Left:  Solar panels PV and solar thermal technology. With unlimited solar energy why not!

Right: This prototype device pulls much-needed water out of the air.


This would be a perfect place for a hydrogen demonstrator on the island. Maybe taking some of the excess solar from the solar array and feeding it into the power station to offset some carbon?  Huge thanks to Mr. Claudino Mendes for showing me around.

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