HYENA Network

Project HYENA is a research network focussed on delivering clean, green fuel to developing Africa by harnessing excess renewable energy. The Hydrogen Energy in Africa Network will be a research hub to address intractable developmental challenges in Africa by better utilising renewable energy. We will tackle pertinent research topics and questions decided on by our African University partners, and deliver solutions on the ground utilising all the team, UK and African, generating jobs, industry and resilience in energy distribution. Building capacity and applying for research funding together is the precursor to larger grants funding applications.

According to the World Health Organisation, 3 million people most of whom are in low or middle-income countries rely on solid fuel for domestic cooking and heating. Aside from the environmental impact of deforestation, 4 million deaths a year are attributable to domestic use of solid fuels, including 50% of all deaths from pneumonia among children under 5 years old. The health implications of burning solid fuel in homes reveal deeper structural inequalities: smoke inhalation disproportionately impacts women and children.

Issues with Energy in Africa

  • Many African countries have little natural resources in terms of oil and gas. These countries tend to be the poorest, with much of their GDP  spent importing energy.
  • Simultaneously many of these countries have abundant untapped sunlight resources.
  • A significant part of the energy requirement is for cooking.
  • Cooking is carried out on open fires with the particulates causing health issues for the women and children that surround the cooking space.
  • Energy demand does not correlate with the supply.
  • Solar panels are no good for cooking as this is a high powered requirement. Batteries are not the best solution for cooking as they need to deliver high power.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

HYENA aims to deliver impact on a number of the UN SDG's

  • Goal 5 - Gender Equality.
  • Goal 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy.
  • Goal 9 - Industry innovation and infrastructure.
  • Goal 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Next Steps...

HYENA Network is here to help. Read on to learn about the projects that we have done or are doing.