The hyena is one of Africa’s best known carnivores, intelligent, resourceful and thrives on carrion, a source of “fuel” that would otherwise go to waste.

HYENA Network

Is a group of universities and researchers with an interest in the concept of HYENA.  Led by Dr Charles Dunnill (science and engineering) and Dr. Elaine Forde (social science) at Swansea University, we are actively looking for research funding opportunities, projects and additional collaborators that fit with our core concept.

  • Renewable and intermittent energy sources can be stored in the form of hydrogen gas, distributed and then used on demand.
  • Cheap and efficient electrolyser technology can be used to produce hydrogen.
  • Green Hydrogen Smart Grids can collect, store pressurize and distribute the Hydrogen gas.
  • Hydrogen can be used to meet energy needs as an alternative energy vector.